The iPad App I Cannot Live Without

The app that I cannot live without is Goodnotes. I would recommend everyone who has an iPad and is in school use this app. I use it for literally everything. My school has all of the lecture slides, our full class schedule, and other important information posted online as PDFs. I store all of this in my Goodnotes app. I also scanned my dental anatomy book, all my syllabi, and multiple information packets into the app to stay organized. You can create multiple folders to keep everything separated. In these folders you can have different notebooks for different units or however you want to separate things.

One of the greatest things about this app is being able to write with a stylus. It has a close up writing box with auto advance feature that is just great for writing. The writing is fluid and natural, and can either be a ball point or fountain pen. There is a section below the close up box that doesn’t recognize your hand so it is more comfortable than most handwriting apps. You can change colors and sizes of pens, and highlighters. There is also a lasso tool to circle what you wrote/drew and move or resize it, a great great great feature.

The PDFs are also searchable which is awesome for studying. (My physiology notes packet is 900 full pages long. Searching is much better than scrolling.)

Goodnotes also can automatically sync with Skydrive or Google Drive. Whenever you update a notebook, it syncs to one of these platforms above saving everything in case your iPad crashes.

There is also WiFi transfer. The app gives you a web address to go to and upload the document you want. You can then access it from your Goodnotes app and download it. I downloaded a 300 page book yesterday in about 5 seconds. It is very fast.

If you don’t believe me, there is a light version of this app available for free. Try it and you will see how great it is. The full version is $4.99 I believe, but it is worth every penny. I could not be happier with this app.

Just so everyone knows, I am not affiliated with this app or being compensated for this review.

As a sidenote, I really like the stylus I use. Here is a link. They are sold on amazon and work great. I used several styluses with the rubber tips but they always wear out really quickly. Rubber tipped styluses don’t slide easily on the screen after they get a little worn. The stylus I use now has a metal-like mesh over the rubber tip. It slides soooo easily on the screen! I have used these for about 6 months and they still have not worn down. I would highly recommend them.

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “The iPad App I Cannot Live Without

  1. Hey man love the blog. I’m currently signed up to take my DAT on January 15 and have started studying hard for about 2 weeks now. I’m rather nervous about the whole ordeal.
    I’ve been putting in so many hours everyday and have been using Chad’s site as a resource for general and organic chemistry. I’m honestly really worried about organic chemistry as I have a poor base, well that and not having taken an organic chemistry class in about 2 years.

    Also, for the biology section, since there is so much info would knowing a bunch of really small details help me score above a 20?

    On a random note, your kids are cute and it’s awesome that you’re heading towards a path of success!

    • Glad you like the blog! Chad does a great job at preparing you for the organic section of the DAT. You probably read in a previous post but he helped me have a huge improvement in my organic score from my first to second attempt. Just try to make it through his videos a few times while taking really good notes. If you get that information down, you will do well. His quizzes are also good to check your progress. As for biology, it’s really hard to study for because it covers so many random facts. I would definitely recommend the AP review book that I mentioned in my post. I was a bio major so that helped but that type of book can give you a good refresher/foundation.

      Good luck!

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