Health Professions Scholarship Update

It’s finally official. I am now 2nd Lieutenant DentalStudentDDS. I was sworn in on March 4th, the day before my 23rd birthday. It was surprisingly quick. I walked from anatomy class at the medical school to the ROTC building that is about two blocks away. I took my oath in about 30 seconds and that was it. I was in.

Since I’m in the three year scholarship program, my benefits start on the first day of class my second year which is August 25th. Here is a breakdown of the pay:

Tuition and fees are paid directly to the university

Monthly stipend: $2,122.00 for 10.5 months ($22,281 which is taxable)

Base Pay during the annual 45-day active duty tour: $4,242.48 (taxable)

Basic Allowance for subsistence during the 45-day active duty tour: $359.81 (nontaxable)

Basic Allowance for housing during the 45-day active duty tour: $1,273.95 (nontaxable)

Total: $28,157.24

I’m also fortunate that health insurance is required at my school. Since it is, I will be reimbursed for that cost which is $130 per month. Some schools don’t require it so it wouldn’t be reimbursed in that case. I will also be reimbursed for books and some other school related expenses.

Besides starting benefits in August, not much will change for quite some time with this scholarship. The 45-day active duty tour doesn’t change anything. I stay in school and basically just can’t leave the country. I will be going to Commissioned Officer Training in July after I graduate in 2017. From there, I hope to go on to an AEGD-1 with the Air Force before beginning my 3-year repayment. Everyone with this scholarship has to apply for an AEGD (Advanced Education in General Dentistry), a residency where you get extra training in all of the specialties. You don’t have to accept if you are offered a position, you just have to apply. From what I have heard, the scope of your practice while in the military is really limited if you do not do the residency. Obviously I can’t say first hand if this is true but I think the extra training would really benefit my future practice regardless.

That’s about all I have for this update. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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